Rondo Café – is a neutral multifunctional space which is easily adapted for meetings with friends and business partners, for various events, projects and online streaming, etc.

The Cafe combines several functions and different spaces. This is a place where we are always happy to see you, this is a quiet and cozy place where you can have a cup of coffee, this is a place where you feel like visiting a friend.

A big table in the second room of the cafe allows you to organize meetings (up to 8/12 people) for brainstorming, discussions or coffee breaks.

Rondo Café is serving you hot and cold refreshments, own pastries with a special recipe from our bartenders.

Rondo Café is a place where you can enjoy your cup of coffee in cozy armchairs inside of cafe or in green inner yard.



Rond(e) is a French word for adjective “circle-shaped”

Historic sources tell that architects professional community used a polonised noun Rondo when addressing the little square with greenery at the newly-planned Asnyka street in Lviv (now Akad. Bohomoltsia str.).

This design feature was an essentially modern urban invention at the turn of the twentieth century along with other violations of the Lviv building code implemented in this street layout. This marked a time when space between buildings started to matter no less than the structures (with their décor) themselves.